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    Liguang spirit

    Sincere unity, courage, learning and innovation, pursuing excellence, advancing with the times.

    Liguang Commitment

    Win-win cooperation and common development for customers.

    Education and training for employees and achievement of life.

    Operate the society according to law and give back to the public.

    Lee Management

    Use culture to unite people's minds, use the system to regulate humanity, and use brands to achieve life.

    Lee Kwong

    There are talents and talents to be hired, and there is no limit to the use of morals and talents.

    Lee Light Quality View

    Products such as character.

    Lee Guang's work view

    Think of life and work as a process of learning to innovate and create meaning.

    Lee Light Vision

    Strive to build the most respected century-old enterprise.

    Lee Light Mission

    Let the Liguang family realize their dreams.