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    Our company specializes in producing all kinds of high-grade LEDs, high power LEDs and SMD LEDs. manufacturer of optoelectronic devices. The rapid development of the company is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, Western District, 105 State Road side of the traffic is very convenient. Inc. All LED chips are from the United States, Japan, and Taiwan imported products very consistent, very high luminescence properties. More than ten years of production experience, strict staff training, good internal and external environment, strong technological and manufacturing 
    capabilities to ensure high product quality, as well as new products replacing old ones. The company spirit of "quality first, reputation first, with our hearts," the purpose and dedication for the new and old customers. 

    The company has a strong staff team and high-quality management personnel and the production of existing engineering and technical personnel and technical personnel more than 230. Monthly production in the 50KK above, the main engineering and technical personnel and production technical staff have more than 5 years of industry experience. The company has introduced advanced automatic solid-crystal wire machine (production equipment), and automatic spectral color scanner (detection equipment). Company's products fully comply with EU ROHS standard. Established a complete ISO9001 quality management system, a perfect product control process, high and low temperature and humidity tests, life test at room temperature, ambient temperature testing and luminous intensity, light angle, wavelength, and various electrical parameters of test. Over the years because of our strong technical strength, sophisticated production equipment, sell very well in the domestic same industry at the forefront, especially in the Pearl River Delta Region reputation.